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2017 Annual Review

To build our capabilities to meet clients’ needs in rapid growth

In year 2017, Malaysia’s economy gained momentum throughout the year, accelerating growth has been fuelled by more favourable economic conditions both at home and abroad. The positive economic trends are expected to continue in the near term, with 2017 tabled budgetary papers providing a positive outlook for Malaysia’s economy heading into 2018.

In addition, with received enormous benefit from China’s One Belt, One Road initiatives, Malaysia is fast gaining not only in economic growth, but employment opportunities, opportunities to upgrade and transform its industries, by huge and high-tech investments from China, with revolutionary changes seen in several sectors – particularly in manufacturing and construction.

Reanda Malaysia has make the big efforts and well prepared ourselves to build our capabilities to meet clients’ needs in this rapid growth. Our commitment to investing and to attract and develop new types of professionals with the talent to meet the challenges of clients.

One of our ongoing priorities continues to be helping the SMEs to tap with global investors and boost their valuations despite the riskier and more volatile nature of the bourse by raising awareness of the role capital markets play in promoting growth.

Acknowledged to be among the most vibrant capital markets globally as well as the third largest stock exchange in Asia with an average daily turnover of HK$150 billion (RM80 billion), the Hong Kong stock exchange (HKEX) has both similarities with and differences to Stock Exchange of Malaysia (Bursa Malaysia).

Our involvement in this deal highlights the ability of the clients and in helping them navigate through the Hong Kong regulatory environment, and we are delighted to have assisted and advised our clients on their successful IPO in HKEX.

Special thanks to our fellow colleagues from Reanda Hong Kong to make all our assignments a great success.

As we look towards the next twelve months, our commitment is to help companies in every industries to succeed, and will continue to perform our role, representing the industry and bringing to bear deep