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Annual Review 2016

Thinking beyond to meet challenges

In 2016, Malaysia continued to nurture a strong economic relationship with China – its top trading partner – a critical step helping in its goal of becoming a high-income country by 2020.  And China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ – “OBOR” policy has become an important part of bi-lateral ties for Malaysia and China over the past few years.

Through Sino-Malaysian cooperation on OBOR, Malaysia expects to benefit from the creation of investment and job opportunities. 
In November 2016, Malaysia and China inked 14 business-to-business agreements and 16 government-to-government Memoranda of Understanding amounting to approximately RM144 billion.

In harmony with China’s ‘Go Abroad’ strategy is the OBOR policy and Made in China “MIC” 2025. We too is thinking beyond its borders with a global perspective that delivers consistency and value to clients. 

We are working closely with our worldwide partners firms to provide outstanding professionals services, i.e. audits, tax services, due diligence and advisory help to assist all clients adapt and thrive in different environments, and at the same time help them successfully expand into various new business ventures and opportunities.

Looking forward, Reanda Malaysia expected to see greater cross-border investment and M&A activities across Malaysia, and we are fully prepared for what tomorrow brings.