With extensive business knowledge and hands-on industry experience, Reanda Malaysia can implement a broad array of solutions to help organizations capture growth, improve financial performance and manage risk.

Reanda Malaysia core assurance group strives to help your organization and individual to achieve their objectives and succeed in the new economy. With our experienced assurance group, strict quality control procedures and the highest level of professional ethics, now play an integral part in providing assurance services that meet your local and international statutory and regulatory requirements.

Our statutory audit services provide assurance on the reality and fairness of an organization’s financial information. We shall advise on the organization internal control and system weaknesses with the recommendations on the potential solutions allowing you to better manage your business, without compromising our independence and objectivity.

Apart from statutory audit services, our assurance services can assist your business with all types of business advisory needs as follows:

Special Audit

Assist organizations in special audit on specific class of transactions or areas of interests as required.

Due Diligence

Due diligence is routinely performed whenever acquiring a new business or selling existing business. Due diligence should be undertaken to investigate and evaluate business risks and opportunities.

Independent Management Reporting / Reporting Accountant

Assist organizations in compiling and evaluating both internal and external financial information that are of high quality and credibility.

Forensic Accounting / Investigative Audits

Assist and guide you in managing exposures to corporate crimes and other irregularities effectively; reacting rapidly to emerging issues; resolving disputes and conflicts; improving recovery from losses; safeguarding assets; and limiting damages to reputation.

Other Agreed-Upon Procedure

Report on factual findings to those parties that have agreed to the procedures to be performed.