With extensive business knowledge and hands-on industry experience, Reanda Malaysia can implement a broad array of solutions to help organizations capture growth, improve financial performance and manage risk.

Today's increasingly complex business environment requires organizations to adapt their strategic and operational practices to meet challenges. Staying competitive, deciding to diversify or return to core activities, structuring and exposure to corporate crimes are just a few of the challenges that today’s businesses are faced with.

Reanda’s Business Advisory can offer services to help organizations to plan, grow and structure your business to meet these challenges. Organizations turn to us because our teams of consultants provide the business, finance, operations, and issues specific assistances they need to chart their paths forward to create growth, profit and importantly shareholders' value.


Our areas of specialization include:


Business Solutions

We offer practical yet creative and innovative business solutions which are tailored to organizations' needs. We help organization avoid many of the common mistakes made in a growing industry and reach the next milestone, no matter what stage you are in your growth cycle.


The following are some of the products and services that Reanda offers to existing and potential clients:-

Franchising can be a profitable and rewarding strategy for almost all types of businesses. Developing a successful franchise takes a long time and a lot of hard work. On the other hand, once you get it right, the benefits are enormous. If you decide to take the plunge, make sure you get advice from the franchise expert.

Reanda is one of the leading experts in providing franchise solutions with extensive experience in different field and therefore with a minimal investment you are able to franchise your business in a successful franchise chain. Besides, our consultants will be able to advise you on franchise related issues like structuring, growth strategies, government grant and incentive, technology solutions, internal control, etc. We keep up with the latest requirements and we know what kind of businesses can be successfully franchised.

Our consultants will assess whether franchising is right for your business. We will help you understand the necessary skills and business culture required to be a successful franchise operation. In addition, we will assist you to understand the next step in developing your business as a franchise network. Reanda can grow you bigger and better into a successful franchise business with minimal cost.

Reanda can assist you in all aspects of this including:

  • Franchise Evaluation
  • Franchise Plan and Strategy
  • Franchise Operation Manual
  • Franchise Marketing and Sale Manual
  • Franchise Training Programs
  • Franchise Financial Projections
  • Franchise Agreement


Financing Solutions

Reanda knows the credit and equity community and various forms of business funding, soft loan, grants and incentives very well.

We assist clients obtain the maximum effect from the business funding, grants and incentives while minimizing the time and effort involved for our clients.


Before we give advice and make recommendations, our consultants listen carefully to our client' needs, business plans, business objectives and timelines. At the same time, our consultants will also help clients in assessing their eligibility for financing especially grants and incentives. Working with management, we validate the business model to ensure that proper financing vehicles are utilized.

Reanda is specialized in assisting with the application of:

A grant is a sum of money given to an individual or business for a specific project or purpose. A grant usually covers only part of the total project costs involved.

Grant applicants normally are not required to provide collateral or give up equity in their company in order to obtain the grant. In addition, there is no need for repayment of the grant amount nor are there interest payments on the grant principal.

Government offers various grants to encourage Malaysian companies especially Small and Medium Enterprise (“SMEs”) for product, process and quality improvement, market and business development, skill upgrading and acquisition of strategic technology, among others.

Government grants are almost always awarded for a specific purpose or project and are usually for proposed projects only and not for those that have already started.

However, getting financial support can be tough. There will be strong competition and the criteria for awards are stringent. The application for grants is complex as it is a constantly changing legislation. It is an area that requires grant specialist input.

Reanda is a grant specialist to assist clients obtain the maximum effect from government grant while minimizing the time and effort involved for clients. We constantly update the knowledge of every detail of this wide-ranging subject. 

Familiarity with legislations and requirement means application are precisely formulated and targeted. The chances of success are high. This is grounded in a professional approach to the subject and intensive contacts with authorities.

Reanda helps clients to assess their eligibility requirements and the chances of obtaining grants and other important criteria related to the grant application.

Some major grants offered are for:

  • Business Start-ups
  • Product and Process Improvement
  • Certification and Quality Management System
  • Development and Promotion of Halal Products
  • Market Development
  • Brand Promotion
  • Research and Development

Reanda’s team has been a prominent advisor on grants, incentives and soft loans for several years now. Our team focuses on:

  • Assisting in translating incoming ideas and opportunities into concrete project proposals and plans.
  • Making procedures used by the client to select and apply for grants, incentives and soft loan more efficient.
  • Monitoring and timely identify projects that qualify and initiating the corresponding procedures for application.
  • Arranging for internal and external communication throughout the application process.


Risk Management & Regulatory Advisory

In today' business environment, the penalties for failing to meet regulatory standards have never been greater. Whether you are one of the highly regulated industries or not, they often drive the way you do business.

Non-compliance or lack of compliance has resulted in high profile scandal, tarnish your reputation, cause your profits to plummet and negatively affect many organizations.


Now, more than ever, it is vital to operate effective compliance programme and internal systems of supervision.

Reanda helps organizations to understand, analyze and implement solutions that afford them a sufficient comfort level with the appropriateness of their compliance and risk mitigation efforts. We advise organizations with implementation of the governance, risk and compliance related issues.

Our services include:

Risk Management

Most organizations manage risk especially well in one area, only to find that problems strike in another. That’s why risk must be considered an enterprise-wide issue with strategic, financial, operational and systems-related implications.

Risk assessment not only allows for the sourcing, identification and measurement of key business risks, it positions an organization to master its risks and eventually create value.

The main risk assessment activities often include risk awareness sessions, risk questionnaires, interviews and facilitated risk workshops. Our proven risk assessment and approach methodology, combined with our frameworks and substantial risk assessment experience will help you embed risk management throughout the entire organization.

Reanda helps you identify, assess and proactively manage the risks that threaten your organisation’s vision and mission. Below are just a few of the areas where our experienced risk management professionals can provide you:

Strategic view of risk with better positioning to take specific risks that represent business opportunities

  • Awareness of what could go wrong in all aspects of the business, from strategic goals to business risks, earnings, financing and stakeholder value
  • Established methodologies for Risk Assessment, Risk Measurement and Reporting
  • Way to report to stakeholders on the spectrum of risks facing the organization and how the risks being managed
  • Knowledge transfer with help implementing risk management structures and programs 


Corporate Finance

As any organization climbs to the top, its requirements changed.

Reanda provides advisory for strategic and financial alternatives to help organizations make effective decisions that benefit financial growth, facilitate and enhance change.


We provide advice on a wide range of transactions, identify and evaluate capital-raising activities and provide strategic advice on all aspects of mergers and acquisitions.

We specifically provides:

Initial Public Offerings (IPO)

The complexities and global nature of modern day organizations require optimum sources of capital to grow, enhance business performance and shareholder value. An Initial Public Offering (IPO) is seen as an excellent route to accelerating growth. It is essential that organizations understand the new ongoing responsibilities and expectations, as well as the short-term process of how and when to list and at what price.

Why Taking Your Company Public

The advantages of a public listing include:

  • Establishing a foundation for your company to raise additional capital in the future either through a further issue of shares or other financial instruments
  • Enhancing your company’s corporate image and marketability
  • Providing the opportunity to use your shares as a currency in a merger or an acquisition
  • Achieving a much higher degree of liquidity for your investment in the company

While a public listing provides numerous advantages, it does come with greater responsibilities. You will need to comply with regulatory requirements and practice good corporate governance.

A successful IPO needs a strong foundation:

Reanda can assist in:

  • Pre-IPO review in assessing suitability for a floatation exercise.
  • Co-ordinating the work of other advisers such as legal advisers, underwriters and merchant bankers.
  • Nurturing organizations for successful IPO.


International Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Panel

Globalisation and company growth ambitions are driving an increase in Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) activity internationally. We have been observing that the service needs to support M&A activities initiated by clients are increasing. With regard to this development, Reanda International has set up of the M&A Panel.

By leveraging our integrated network of dedicated international advisory professionals, our International Mergers & Acquisitions Panel provides a platform for our members to exchange ideas and insights and to provide high quality M&A advisory advice to our multi-national clients.

At Reanda, we can provide the following M&A services:

  • The preparation of detailed Financial Due Diligence reports
  • Review and advice on the wording of Sale and Purchase Agreements including warranties and indemnities
  • Advice on related tax efficient arrangements
  • Preparation of business valuation reports

Internal Audit

Internal audit has changed dramatically in recent years and has evolved and gained more importance as an independent, assurance and consulting function designed for business improvement and organizational efficiencies. Shareholders and audit committees are taking active interest in the effectiveness of Risk Management and Control Assurance areas in their organization. Stakeholders are increasingly demanding a higher degree of transparency and ethical behavior.


Consequently, organizations are introducing risk-based internal audit plans, which are designed to focus on critical areas. Appropriate risk management systems enable organizations to take advantage of opportunities while effectively managing the accompanying business risks. Managing loss potential, while consciously taking acceptable risks directly enables the management to provide fair returns on investment.

Today’s leading internal audit organizations are no longer limited to hazard avoidance and compliance. They need to demonstrate their knowledge on risk management, business process improvement, which is a characteristic of a consultant rather than a classical internal auditor. Furthermore, internal auditors are no longer required to focus solely on financial audits. They increasingly need to provide value adding support to managements across all areas of operation, for example, Information Technology, Purchase-to-Pay process, Order-to-Cash process, regulatory compliance, etc. To meet these challenges, a growing number of organizations are looking for strategic partners to support their internal audit requirements.

Reanda offers a suite of strategic, outsourcing and industry focused operational services that help organizations evaluate and enhance their internal audit, risk management and governance functions.

Our consultants have the knowledge, technology and experiences across a broad spectrum of industries along with a distinctive approach to help organizations.