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"LL Koong: SMEs who are facing cash flow problem should take the initiative to understand and apply for various soft loans offered by the Government. Those who are unable to repay the loan instalment may apply for repayment assistance or seek assistance from AKPK."

"LL Koong: if you are salaried employee but also dabble in the gig economy, you should fill in Form B. This is regardless of whether you are registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia or town council. You must file taxes if your earned income reaches the taxable amount."

GST defaulters can’t leave Malaysia? We shall strive our best as the task force member to urge Malaysia Customs Department not to impose such a harsh move on Penalties & its bar from leaving the country!

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The government is looking at targeted tax incentives in the upcoming 2018 Budget, and it can no longer be incentives for every sector, but it depends on the flavour of the year and the flavour of the future!

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Moderator for the Crowdsource Session: Manufacturing - Driving Competitiveness and Innovation: Malaysia's Manufacturing Foundation Has Not Lost Its Competitiveness in National Economic Forum 2017 by National Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Malaysia, NCCIM

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