About Us

Our team at Reanda Malaysia has at the beginning of 2009 pledged to put in the extra effort and walk the extra miles to give ourselves, our firm and our most valued clients and associates “the Extra 10%”! 


  • To change ATTITUDE and be PROACTIVE towards a better self!
  • To enchance KNOWLEDGE and PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT by reading technical and motivational books at least once every quarterly!
  • To spend QUALITY HOURS with family during weekends!
  • To EXERCISE at least 30 minutes 3 times a week to stay HEALTHY!
  • To SAVE extra 10% from my monthly income for the future!


  • To improve PRODUCTIVITY and EFFICIENCY level with at least 10% faster response time!
  • To generate at least 10% more sales from "CROSS-SELLING" of other departmental services to our valued clients!
  • To SHARE useful information and knowledge amongst collegues by enhancing inter-departmental networking and communication!
  • To be a 100% GO-GETTER in executing every single assignment!
  • To AVOID WASTAGE of utilities, printing & stationeries and promote a GREENER environment!


  • To launch electronic "kNEWS" to brief our clients relevant business and technical updates at regular intervals!
  • To further UNDERSTAND our clients' specific future business NEEDS and GOALS and help them to achieve it by serving them better!
  • To provide our clients with INNOVATIVE value-added services from time to time!
  • To put extra 10% personal effort and time to build an extra BINDING RELATIONSHIP with our clients!
  • To provide KNOWLEDGE EMPOWERMENT for our clients!